Milford Bathroom Renovation

  • Milford Bathroom Renovation
  • Milford Bathroom Renovation
  • Milford Bathroom Renovation

This project was to be a straightforward bathroom renovation. However, whilst stripping out the bathroom and replacing the old particle board flooring we found there had been a per-existing leak in the adjoining laundry. A lesser team of builders may have easily missed this issue as access to the affected area was limited under the house. The laundry leak had decayed the flooring below to a point that it was barely existent in places.

The Cain Built team onsite quickly removed and replaced the damaged timbers with little disruption to the occupants of the house and continued renovating the bathroom.

Fortunately, the owners were able to claim insurance for some of the additional costs of remediating the leak and the delay to the schedule was nominal, meaning we were able to finish prior to Christmas as planned.


The client’s selection of finishes and fittings for the project were on point, the work carried out by Cain Built and our sub trades was top notch as always. The finished product speaks for itself.


The result another top job and happy client for Cain Built

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