Renovating Old Colonial Villas In Ponsonby

Tips For Engaging The Best Builders For Renovating Old Colonial Villas In Ponsonby

Ponsonby villa renovations builderColonial villas were built in another era using materials that have since been discarded in favour of new and more sustainable building components. Renovating an old colonial-era villa can give you a valuable piece of real estate but with all the mod-cons of this century. Having all the latest bells and whistles can certainly make your life more comfortable but you chose an old villa for its looks too. Therefore, the big question is, how can you ensure that the villa renovations work will keep the look, feel and structural integrity of the old building, both during and after the renovation is completed?

Finding An Architect For Villa Renovations Drawings

The first step is to find a good architect or draughtsman who can convert your dreams into a design that retains the integrity of the existing visual appearance. If you want to maintain or return a villa to its original glory, you should hire an architect who has an in-depth understanding of construction methods and architectural styles used during the colonial period.

A knowledgeable villa renovations contractor can provide useful tips on how to best restore a vintage residence to its original glory, but they will still need working drawings to follow during the actual construction project. You will also need drawings to submit to the Auckland Council for Building Consent.

It is often easier to find a villa renovations builder in Ponsonby than to find a suitable architect, so ask the builder for recommendations of a good, and sympathetic architectural firm.

Finding Good Ponsonby Villa Renovations Builders

Villa renovations Ponsonby

Once you have your design approved and the finance in place, you need to hire a builder qualified for villa renovations. This is highly skilled work beyond the range of most handyman builders. The building techniques needed to retain the visual aspect are more complex than on a new build for example. So the key to a great villa renovation is to hire an accomplished building contractor for the job.

One way is to hire specialists for each aspect of the project. A villa roofer, a window retrofit company, another for the interior work, etc. But this is complex to organise and you will end up with a lot of work managing all those trades and sub-contractors.

The best way is to hire one lead renovations builder who will know specialists they have worked with on other villa renovations projects. Managing those sub-contractors then becomes the work of the renovations builder. This makes your life easier, and will also make the whole project flow better since the builder will know when they need which workers on site, and when.

Things To Ask A Villa Renovations Builder

When hiring a prospective villa renovations builder, you should ask interested candidates to show their portfolios. Any contractor should have successfully renovated villas to the full satisfaction of clients. They will have photographs or a portfolio of the renovations so you can see the quality of the work they have produced before.

A further step to make sure you hire a good building company is to ask for references from other clients. Make sure that you get in touch with the referees provided to ascertain that a prospective builder did indeed carry out the work they are showing to you.

  • At the same time, ask how the builder was to work with.
  • Did they clear the site properly?
  • Were they good at communicating progress or problems they faced?
  • Did the project come in on schedule and close to budget? If not, what were the causes of any over-runs? Often it is down to changes made by the client rather than any failing on the builder’s part, but be sure to check.

This leads onto the project management skills of the builder. If they cannot manage the different sub-contractors and different trades, the project will be behind schedule. This will not only be inconvenient to you, but can also cost you more money. For example, you may be renting while the renovations works are carried out. If there is a delay, then you may be on the hook for extra rent. So adhering to a building schedule is essential.

Other Requirements From A Renovations Builder

Villa renovations builder PonsonbyIn these days of labour shortages in the building industry, it is imperative that you hire qualified builders. Ask to see their industry accreditations. This can be a Master Builder, Licensed Building Practitioner or a Certified Builder. If the builder has any of these certifications, it shows they have been trained to the top standards of the building industry. To retain these accreditations, the builder has to undergo regular training so if you see these, you know you are hiring a qualified builder, rather than someone who has a van and few power tools.

Insurances are another key issue to check. This includes Public Liability so that for example, if there is damage to a neighbour’s property, the builder has suitable insurance coverage. In a similar light, if someone is injured on site, the builder ought to be carrying the right insurance protection. Ask to see the insurance certificates because, if they don’t have the coverage, then you are liable for any damage or injury claims. A Certified Builder is required to carry these insurances, so this is another reason to only hire someone who has that industry certification.

You will also want a guarantee of the building work. Again, hiring a Certified Builder will cover you in this regard since the certification process comes with a ten-year guarantee, even if the builder is no longer trading down the track.

Villa Renovations

Carrying out renovations on a villa is a significant financial investment so it is important that you make a good and informed choice when hiring a Ponsonby villa renovations building company. Don’t take the cheapest quote. Be sure to ask for references, and to see examples of their renovation work. If you follow these guidelines, you will have a fantastic villa renovation when it is finished, one you will be happy to show off to your friends, and one that will suit your family for years to come.

At Cain Built, we have worked on villa renovations in various parts of Auckland. If you’re looking to renovate your villa in Ponsonby or surrounding areas, please give us a call on 0800 224 628 or email at and we will gladly have a chat with you about your aims and give you some guidance on your villa renovations.

Northcote Villa Renovations Builder – Some Tips

Some Tips For Renovating A Colonial Villa In Northcote

Northcote villa renovations builderIf you have had thoughts about renovating a colonial villa, you are going to want to implement some things to get the most out of it. There is plenty that you should be looking to do to save money on the renovations and to get more out of the process. Below, we offer our key tips that on what to implement when you are looking into renovating a villa.

Key Tips For Renovating A Colonial Villa: 

  1. Know Your Budget.

Most importantly, you will want to know and understand the budget that you have to work with. Knowing what kind of budget you are willing and able to spend on the villa renovations is key. You want to identify the total amount that you are willing to spend on your renovations because it can make a big difference in determining if you are able to complete the renovations within your respective budget. 

  1. Flooring.

One of the best renovations that you are likely going to be able to make when you are dealing with a colonial villa renovation would have to be the flooring. The flooring that you have in your villa is likely worn down. You should be able to update the flooring to really bring life back into it.

  1. New Paint.

Villa renovations builders NorthcoteAnother extremely cost-effective update you can make which will surely freshen up your villa is painting. By giving your walls and doors a new coat of paint, you will really be able to effectively improve the feel of your villa. Simply painting the molding and trim white can brighten up your villa and make it look much more modern. Don’t stop with the inside – painting the exterior of your house can add that valuable street appeal also.

  1. Do Your Research.

Not all builders are created equal. Talk to a few builders and find one that you can build rapport with and feel comfortable having in your house. Builders who are trade association members such as with New Zealand Certified Builders Association (NZCB) are great, as members have to be vetted before joining. They also offer extended warranty guarantees to protect your investment.

Cheapest is not always best. Weigh up what your builder has to offer as a complete package, as opposed to simply looking at the bottom line figure – often the real value is in the overall service given.

  1. Do Renovations Yourself Where You Can.

If you are someone that is much more handy with work around the house, you might be able to handle a lot of the basic renovations on your own. By doing some of the work on your own, it is going to end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. This is especially true when you are talking about basic renovations that can make a big difference for something like villas. For the larger and more complicated tasks though, it is still best to employ a qualified professional to ensure a high level of finishing and that compliance is met.

  1. Update The Kitchen.

One of the best renovations that you will be able to make which can pay off in a big way would have to be updating the kitchen. By making improvements and updates to the kitchen, you should be able to make your home much more desirable on the open market and it can really help to enhance the overall look and feel of the colonial villa in general.

  1. Add More Space.

You might be able to knock down a wall here or there which can really open up your entire villa, whether it’s knocking down a wall to make your kitchen larger or even your living space. Doing this is a great way to get more living space out of your villa and to make it look much more spacious in general.

Overall, there are a lot of different things that you will want to implement when you are aiming to renovate a colonial villa. By following some of the tips above, renovating your colonial villa doesn’t have to be too difficult and there are plenty of simple and affordable ways to spruce up the villa to make it much more modern and livable.

At Cain Built we are not only New Zealand Certified Builders Association accredited (NZCB) but have renovated colonial villas before, so we understand the intricacies involved and therefore are sure to be able to help you renovate yours. If you have an idea for your villa, please give us a call on 0800 224 628 or email at and we will gladly have a chat with you about your project.

House Extension Builder For East Coast Bays

Expand The Living Space Of Your Home With A House Extension

If you are starting to outgrow your home, you might want to consider adding a house extension. Many people in this situation immediately think about buying a new home or moving to a new neighbourhood. This option has lots of challenges, especially if the children like their school. However, another idea means that you can stay in the home and suburb that you love by adding an extension to your current home. Below we look at some of the ideas for house extensions East Coast Bays homeowners can enjoy.

There are two main ways you can build a house extension. You could build upwards by adding another storey, or build out into your garden making a bigger footprint for your home.

Adding Another Storey For A House Extension

Home extensions builder East Coast BaysA common approach to building a house extension is by adding another storey to the house. If your land area is limited this is often the better option for you. Also, if you live in a hilly area then adding a second storey can give you extended views and vistas that can take advantage of the locality that you live in.

However, be warned. An additional storey obviously means additional weight on the house foundations or concrete slab. Therefore, a key question to ask a house extension builder is, can your home support the added mass of another level? For this, you must talk to an experienced house extension builder. Often this is a question that only an engineer can answer but a good builder will be able to refer you to a good quality structural engineer that they have worked with previously who can give a definitive answer for you.

Why People Build Up For Home Extensions

Building up is a great approach to adding more space to your home. In many suburban areas, sections have been sub-divided into two or more building plots. This clearly puts a restriction on the ground area available so upward is often the only viable option.

But what about height you might ask?

Well, in the Auckland Council Unitary Plan, they are advocating developers build higher developments than before. This is mainly for building new multi-level (up to six storey) apartment blocks, but the Council is more open to considering allowing higher homes in some locations to leave more ground available for an additional dwelling on the same section. In short, Auckland Council wants denser housing which inevitably means taller houses.

Personal Choice With Another Storey Home Extension

Adding another storey to your home is going to give you a lot more space but more importantly, it is space to your specifications. You get to choose what bedrooms, bathrooms, or other rooms you want in that space. It is much easier to design your dream space from a blank canvas than to change an existing living area.

Added Value From A Home Extension

A broad rule of thumb is, more space means more value, so adding another storey will also increase the value of your home. In some suburbs you need to take advice from a local real estate agent about possible resale values of homes with extra living space, but in many areas, if you have additional, Council approved living space, your house will increase in value, often by more than the cost of the extension building project.

Building Out For East Coast Bays Home Extensions

If you don’t want to add another storey, or if you have the land available, then you can add an extension to the side of your house.

For many people, an extension built out from the home is the better option. It doesn’t require any strengthening of the foundation pad, and is often a relatively straightforward building project. Extending the footprint of your home can add grandeur and elegance to your house as well as the extra space.

When people have an extension built, they often take the opportunity of upgrading other areas of the house, especially those close to the new addition. This can include upgrades to kitchens, or making living areas open-plan. This makes the new and the old tie together to create a fabulous looking new home.

In fact, this is one of the key ingredients to a successful home extension. You have probably seen extensions that look like a garage has been tacked onto the house. It looks poor and doesn’t add as much value to the house as it could. A well-integrated house extension, tastefully designed, and finished to merge with the existing house will not only look better, it will add more value, and you will be much happier with the outcome.

An extension can be built on most terrains but if the land has a steep slope, then building the home extension will be more difficult, and consequently, more expensive. However, a good quality builder will have the skills to work on difficult sections.

Choosing A House Extension Builder In The East Coast Bays

It is important to work with a good local house extension builder in East Coast Bays. If you are choosing to get more than one quote, it is important that you don’t simply go with the cheapest. You must ask all the potential building contractors to explain why they have priced as they have, as you need to be aware of any additional costs, known as variations, that may not have been allowed for in the pricing (such as tree root removal and asbestos testing and removal) so you know exactly what is and isn’t included. Otherwise, you may think you’re comparing apples with apples, when you’re actually comparing apples with pears, and could therefore be in for some unexpected costs later down the track once the project is already underway.

Also, ask to see their portfolio of other house extensions and ask for references too, so you know the builder is experienced enough for your project.

At Cain Built we are not only New Zealand Certified Builders Association accredited (NZCB) but have worked on many different types of house extensions in the East Coast Bays and surrounding areas, so we’re sure to be able to help you with yours. If you have an idea for expanding your home, please give us a call on 0800 224 628 or email at and we will gladly have a chat with you about your project.

Coatesville House Renovations Builders – Renovate Or Move?

Why Many House Renovations Are Cheaper Than Selling Your Home And Buying Another

Many homeowners reach a point where they want extra space, a different layout to suit their family, or to accommodate new family members such as an aged parent moving in. There are many reasons wanting more or different space but whatever the cause this creates one of two choices; to move to a new home or to renovate their existing home.

There is no right or wrong answer but there are periods where people either prefer to renovate their existing house or sell their home and buy a new one. There are several reasons why renovating the home you already have is a much better investment than selling and buying another. Here are some key reasons why you might choose to renovate and some of the most cost-effective remodeling jobs you can do.

Coatesville renovations builders

Selling A Home Is Expensive On Many Levels

With the high price of houses in Auckland these days, the costs of selling one and buying another has risen as well. According to REINZ,  the median house price in Auckland is $850,000. For that you can expect to pay about $33,000 just for the real estate commission alone. Add to that mortgage costs, legal fees, valuations, LIM costs, removals, and you can be looking at $45,000 – all of which is dead money and doesn’t provide an asset value.

On top of that there is a huge amount of time spent going to open homes, the mental anguish of deciding which house you like, worrying about making an offer at the right price, and then having to do it all again when you miss out on your dream home – not to mention the laborious packing and moving process if you do end up selling.

There is a Better Way – Home Renovations in Coatesville

Instead of wasting your money on all those commissions and fees, plus all the wasted time in finding a house to move to, you can invest in your existing home by renovating it.

There are plenty of smaller renovations that you can do which can make a significant difference to your home, such as DIY-type projects ranging from decorating and landscaping, to new bathroom cabinets and these are well within the capability of a good handyman or a DIYer. However, they don’t make a significant difference to the overall usefulness or usage of space in your house. For this you will need to talk to a draughtsman or architect, and a local Coatesville renovation builder.

Why Go The House Renovation Route?

We have all heard horror stories of bad builders doing poor work, being well behind schedule or charging way over the original building quotation. But it’s important to remember that not all builders are like that. In fact, that type of builder is rare these days, so don’t be concerned about thinking of renovating your home. The chances are much higher that you will have a great result.

Which brings us back to the question, “Why go the renovation route?”

There are many reasons, but for some people, one of the key reasons is that you are not spending dead money. Everything you spend on renovating your home will be directly invested into he increased value of your property. From the cost of the draughtsman’s or architect’s plans, to getting Council consent, to the builder and materials, all of those are investments in your home.

Coatesville renovations buildersOther Big Reasons To Choose Home Renovations

Many of the reasons to decide to hire a Coatesville house renovations builder are emotionally driven rather than a logical, numbers driven analysis. For example, lots of families simply love their home. A home often has strong family ties where the children were born and raised, it may be a dream location, or whatever the reasons, people just want to stay in their house. Yet they still want more space or to be able to utilise that space better. In this case, renovating your Coatesville home can make this work for you.

In the short-term there will be disruption, mess, and inconvenience. All building sites are like that.  But as the saying goes, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg.”

Finding a good school or even getting into the school zone of your choice can be prohibitively expensive. And while children might complain about going to school, if they are settled have good friends and are doing well, it can be a huge wrench for you and then children, to uproot them to move to a new school. This is one of the biggest reasons that people choose to stay in their current home and renovate it to meet their new needs instead of moving home.

How We Work As A Coatesville Home Renovations Builder

At Cain Built, we have worked with many families on home renovations in Coatesville. One of the first things we ask is what does a family want to achieve with a home renovation? Is it more space, better space, accommodating new family members, or simply making their home look more modern? Whatever the desire, we can help make it happen for you.

After our initial meeting and discussion, we can give you a ball-park estimate to see if it is within your budget before you commit too much in expense. After that we know numerous good draughtsman and architects who we can introduce to you who will extract your end goal, and convert that to working drawings for submission to the Council.

Once consent is given, we will firm up the pricing for you so you can talk to your bank about financing your home renovations build. We will also give you a building schedule so you can plan how you want to live while the renovations project is being carried out.

Some families are happy to live in the home among the building work while others move out to family or rent for the duration of the renovations, depending on the scale and duration of the project.


Cost is not always about money. Lots of families have strong ties to their existing home but still want to renovate it for more space or to modernise it. If you and your family are emotionally attached to where you currently live but want to get more utility from your home, please call us on 0800 224 628 or email at, we’d be happy to talk to you about your options.

Coatesville Renovations Builder – What Do Major Home Renovations Entail?

What Do Major Home Renovations Entail?

For people wanting to undertake a major home renovation, this might be to upgrade their existing home or because they have bought a run-down or older house that they want to renovate. If you have never renovated a home before, you might be wondering what major home renovations entail. Is it a project that you can handle yourself, or do you need to hire a builder for major renovations? These are some of the things you can expect.

Getting The Plans

First of all, what is your desired outcome from the renovation? For any major home renovation you will need to have some plans drafted to consider how these new spaces could look, how they could change the overall appearance and flow of your home and also to figure out which improvements actually fit within your available budget. A good architect or an experienced draughtsman will sit down with you and discuss your requirements and budget. They will ask a range of questions about your lifestyle, the family members (teenagers will have different needs from young school children for example) and the anticipated use of the areas you are looking to renovate. All of these will have an impact on how they design your renovation project.

Using their experience, they will also have insights or ideas that you may not have considered. They might suggest a different configuration of the layout or a different orientation to capture more natural light and warmth.

They will also have an understanding of the shape and slope of the land that you will be building on.  This will have a significant effect on the costs of the building project also.

Once they have your input, they can then go away and draw up a sketch design and layout for you to then review, giving you the chance to either accept the design or for you to suggest changes. Once you agree on the design, they will then make the final drawings.

Once the plans have been submitted to Council, it is important that you do not make any changes to these since they are critical for Council Consent – see below. A renovations builder can use these to produce an estimate, though any later variations from the design will undoubtedly affect the construction costs, usually upwards, as well as potentially causing delays, so be absolutely sure that the design is what you want before the draughtsman or architect makes the final drawings.

Council Consent

It is essential to get approval for your building project from the local Council before you begin any major renovations. This might be Resource or Planning Consent, or both. Getting the Auckland Council Consent is a complex process and people are advised to seek professional help with the process. We can point you in the right direction here if you need help with your application.

As part of the consent process you will need to supply the drawings of the final design produced by a qualified architect or draughtsman to accompany your application. Any major variations from the design might need to go back for further approval – causing delays in your project.

Getting consent is vital as the Council has a range of powers to slow or halt building if the consent is not granted. Often renovation building companies will not quote a project without Council Consent first being granted, as it could easily be a waste of their time. It is not uncommon for Council to request changes to the plans as part of their peer reviewing processes for engineering and design.

During and after the renovations process, you will need inspections from the Council. At the end you will get the final sign-off, called Producer Statements (PS). Not only are these important to show that the Council has approved the completion of your work, but if you do not have the appropriate consents, you will not be able to get insurance cover.

Further, you will also find it very difficult to sell your home without the relevant Code of Compliance or PS. Banks and lenders are increasingly looking for reasons to not give a loan or mortgage. The absence of Code of Compliance documents will be all that is needed.

Major Renovations For The Whole House

It is not just updating your kitchen and bathrooms – a major renovation often includes multiple spaces of a house.

These days people tend to want to have a big open-plan living area. So it is common for us to work on major renovations in Coatesville that include the kitchen, lounge, dining room, and hallway for example. With our major renovations building experience we can help create much more living space in a house by removing walls to reconfigure the layout, giving views across the garden or creating much brighter internal living spaces.

Other major renovation projects can include adding an upper-storey or perhaps building out over a garage to add bedrooms or an office. Adding a granny-flat is another popular addition, which can often be part-funded by the parent selling their home, or rented out to gain extra income.

Major Renovation Projects Can Involve Indoor And Outdoor Upgrades

Upgrades and big renovations don’t need to be exclusively focused on a home’s interior. The exterior of a home can also be part of the renovations. If you have created a wonderful open-plan living area, lots of people choose to carry that outside by having a new deck, patio, or outdoor living area built. This way, you can extend the theme throughout your home, creating a steady flow of colour and style.

Another advantage in having major renovations in your garden at the same time as the indoor renovation building work, is that you only have one time of disruption. You might as well “get it over with.” The building company is on-site so they can build the deck or patio for you. The Project Manager can work with the other trades companies for landscaping or outdoors electrics for example.

If people put off the idea of renovating their garden or outdoor living area, they will find it harder to get the enthusiasm at a later date so we always recommend having the indoor and outdoor renovations done at the same time if your budget can handle it.

Major renovations builder CoatesvilleThe Costs Of Home Renovations Can Vary Wildly

One of the first things that most people want to know about home renovations is how much they cost. Unfortunately, there isn’t necessarily an easy answer to this question. There are many things that impact the total cost of home renovations.

Upgrading a small home is generally going to be cheaper than improving a larger home unless expansions are involved. Some homes may not need extensive renovation work, but other properties are going to need significant upgrades.

One of the best options for you is to call in an experienced home renovations builder to talk through your ideas. They can then give you a ball-park figure so you can see if that fits with your budget or your valuation for a renovated house in the area.

These days with the quickly changing costs of renovation building work in Coatesville, in fact throughout New Zealand, your own estimate is likely to be some way of the mark. Don’t leave it to chance and start a project that you cannot afford.

Summing Up

In short, there are many ways of renovating your home to create more space, light, or add value. If you have some thoughts about a major home renovation in Coatesville, and would like some advice, please call us on 0800 224 628 or email at, we’d be happy to talk to you about your options.





House Extension, Coatesville Builders, Some Ideas From Cain Built

Benefits Of A House Extension, Coatesville Builders, Cain Built, Have Some Ideas

If a family decides they need more space, they have two main options; to move to a bigger home or to build a house extension. For many the idea of a house extension has more advantages than moving to a new home. As a house extension builder in Coatesville, Cain Built have experience working with families, helping them to overcome their space problems by building a house extension for them. In this article, we will be going over some of the benefits of a house extension.

1. You Know The Area

If you have children then you will know the challenges of getting them to accept the idea of leaving their friends and moving to a new area, new schools, new sports clubs or activities. This is not to be under-estimated.

And don’t forget yourselves either. You will have your circle of friends in the area. Making new friends is not easy so do pay serious attention to this issue.

2. Increase The Value Of Your Home

Another key benefit that you will get from having a house extension built is that you are investing in your current asset, and increasing its value. Given the current house prices in the Coatesville area, if you move to a new home, you will face legal and real estate agency bills of well over $50,000. That is dead money.

Instead, you could invest that money as part of the cost of a brand-new house extension. You will need more than the $50,000 for a completed house extension project of course but that is a significant contribution from which you will get value rather than simply handing it over to agents and lawyers.

In addition, you are going to increase your value of your home, which in time, will make it much more marketable when you do want to move home. That $50k+ investment will be one of the best returns you will get, especially compared to the other option.

3. Make It Your Own

Another benefit that you will get from building an extension to a house is customising your home to make it your own. There may be aspects of your home that you don’t like. Maybe the layout doesn’t work, perhaps some rooms are a bit small, or the sunlight doesn’t shine in where you want it. All of these are issues that you can change if you have a house extension built. By definition, you will be increasing the overall size of your home by extending it, but these other layout issues can be tackled at the same time.

Often when we have worked on a house extension in Coatesville and surrounding areas, we have not just added space by building out, we have changed the internal layout too to accommodate the family’s desires.

Do you want a new bathroom? Maybe you are adding a sunroom or something else. All of these you will be able to include in your house extension building project to make your home much more useable for you.

4. More Space.

As noted above, often a big motivator for families looking to move is that they want more space. Growing teenagers, more children, or aged parents coming to live. All of these are very common reasons for people wanting to have more space to live in.

Moving home is a massive task. You have to decide where you want to live, visit real estate agents who will hound you once they have your phone number, go to lots of open homes, make offers that might get beaten by other buyers, organise finance, and if all of that is successful, then you have to go through the move itself. It is an arduous process.

Much simpler, even though there will be building work and disruption, if you are looking for more living space, is to have an extension built. Many homes, especially older ones, do not maximise the usable space in and around a home. With good design, and modern building techniques and materials, you will be able to add more living space to your property depending on Council approval of course.

6. Luxury From a House Extension

Another reason that people think of moving is to upgrade the quality of their home. Older homes deteriorate; it’s natural. It seems like a good idea to move to a new house. But you can often get a similar or even better result by upgrading your existing home.

When you add a house extension, that automatically adds a feeling of elegance, because of the extra space. But at the same time, you can upgrade other parts of your house. A new bathroom, a kitchen renovation, opening up rooms to create a bigger living space. All of these can be part of a house extension building project. Each of which, and cumulatively, will add a feeling of more luxury to your home.

Move or Work With A House Extension Builder in Coatesville?

In the end, only you and your family can decide which you feel is right for you. However, instead of moving, you might want to consider investing in a house extension. It is a good way to increase the overall value of your home, it adds much-needed living space, you can add a sense of luxury to your home, it is often easier than moving, and, it means you can stay in the Coatesville area rather than having to uproot your family, and start again in a new suburb.

If you would like to have a chat about the possibility of a house extension, please call us on 0800 224 628 or email at, we’d be happy to talk to you about your options.

Window Selection Balancing Act

Windows provide more than just a view on the world outside. They need to multi-task, bringing in light, allowing solar gain as free winter heat, admitting fresh air and limiting heat loss in winter.

Window area and specification has a huge influence on the overall energy efficiency of a building, and often this is underestimated.

This article from Build Magazine explains the benefits of installing properly insulated glass and what to look for when making your selection.

East Coast Bays Builder For Major Home Renovation Projects

Major Renovation Projects For East Coast Bays Homes

Unless you are qualified, you should never attempt to undertake a major home renovation project on your own. Many people look at the costs of the project and think that they will save a lot of money by doing it for themselves, but it is usually the opposite. Part-time DIY-builders generally end up spending much more than they intended. This is especially the case if they factor in the extra time that they will need compared to hiring a professional builder. Even worse is that their attempts could easily have a disastrous outcome. Watching a few videos online or home renovation shows on TV does not make an amateur an expert at big renovations.

In fact, watching home renovation shows ought to convince anyone that trying to do it yourself is asking for trouble. They all go way over budget, take far more time than they expected, and cause untold stress to the family.

What Are You Buying When You Hire A Builder For A Major Renovation?

A major home renovation, whether it is a new bathroom or a total house renovation, is going to set you back many thousands, and more likely hundreds of thousands of dollars. So what are you getting for your money?

You Are Hiring An Experienced Team Of Builders

When hiring a professional building contractor, you are hiring not just the builder themselves but a whole team of proven experts. Every professional home renovation builder not only has a team of skilled carpenters, but a network of qualified subcontractors that they will call in to work on the construction project alongside them. You don’t have to spend your time finding and verifying a plumber, a roofer, and an electrician to name just a few. The builder most likely already has preferred contacts at hand who they work with and can attest to the quality of their work, which they can suggest and then manage for you.

Experience As A Major Home Renovations Builder

Experience is the key to delivering a top-quality job. Imagine if you were trying to learn carpentry, framing, flooring, drainage etc. It would take you months, even years to develop sufficiently good skills to carry-out major renovation projects in your home. A professional building company has years of experience in their chosen field, along with access to other companies with years of experience in their own fields. Experience is not something you can buy, but it is something you can hire.

There are of course many ways to know if a contractor is experienced. One being references or if they are a Licensed Building Practitioner. You can also ask the company’s representative to show you examples of their past work and any testimonials they have.

Furthermore, they know which permits are needed which can save you hours of frustration trying to find out from the Council.

It is Their Career

What does that mean?

With DIY projects, they can only be done when a person is free, such as during the evenings or over the weekend. This means that the project is part-time. However, when you hire a builder for a major renovation project, they work when you are working. This means you get eight experienced hours a day rather than a couple of novice hours a day on your project.

The Renovation Is “Move-In-Ready”

The project is not finished, until it is fully completed. A DIY-er may run out of energy towards the end and leave a few smaller jobs for later, only they never get around to them. When you hire a building company, they will finish all of the tasks including cleaning the paint spots and finishing the site clear-up.

All you will need to do is add the furniture and sit back to enjoy your newly renovated home. This not only saves you time and money but ensures the job is fully finished with no corners cut so you actually end up with the home you imagined.

What Sort Of Major Renovation Projects Can We Help You With?

Over the years we have worked on many types of home renovations. These have ranged from renovating a bathroom or kitchen, creating open-plan living and dining areas, right up to complete house renovations.

A full house renovation might even include adding a new storey, or a large house extension covering hundreds of square metres.

Whatever you have in mind, we can help.


Clearly, unless you have a lot of different building skills, and can devote all of your time to a major house renovation project, you will need the skills and experience of a professional builder to get a good quality job finished.

However, when hiring, it is important to ensure that you have hired a professional contractor who has proven credentials for work similar to your renovation project.

This simply means learning more about their previous work, the quality of the end result, and even if they finish the work as scheduled.

Ask them too if they are accredited members of a trade association. Many associations demand ongoing training and reviews of work for companies to keep their accreditations. This alone can save you a lot of time and worry when looking to hire a renovations builder.

At Cain Built we are not only New Zealand Certified Builders Association accredited (NZCB) but have worked on many different types of major house renovations, so we’re sure to be able to help you with yours. If you have a project in mind, please give us a call on 0800 224 628 and we will gladly have a chat with you about your renovation project.

East Coast Bay Home Extensions Builder – Some Thoughts

Five Reasons You Should Consider Having A Home Extension Built

As a homeowner, one of your biggest concerns may be the lack of enough space. Even if you think you have plenty of space at the moment, at some point, you may decide that you need some extra room in your home. Moving to a bigger house is always an option, but the hassle of relocating isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Exploring the option of building a home extension is definitely another option you ought to consider since it gives you more control over the final result.

Further, there is more to home extensions than just having more space. If you do not have to relocate for a job, extending your home offers numerous other benefits too that are worth considering.

Building A Home Extension Saves You Time And Money

The implications of purchasing and moving to a new home cannot be overlooked. The process of assessing, viewing and bidding on a home is expensive and emotionally draining. There is also no guarantee that you will be able to buy a house that you like if someone outbids you. In addition, there are significant costs associated with moving too; legal fees, real estate commissions, and the removal company. That is all on top of the time and expense looking for a house.

Building a home extension is not a stroll in the park but for many families, it is much less disruptive as you do not have to relocate. For example, you do not have to find new schools and get the children settled in to those, which is another emotional drain.

Building a house extension is not a cheap option but at least the outlay is going into your asset rather than commissions to service providers.

It Adds Value To Your Home

It goes without saying that a home extension raises the value of your property. Increasing the value of a home is not usually a driver for people who decide to have a home extension built. It is usually the need for more space as youngsters become teenagers, or an elderly parent wants to move in with you.

Nonetheless, a well-designed and constructed house extension will add value to your home. However, seek advice from architects, local real estate agents, or experienced house extension building companies regarding over-capitalising your home. For example, if you make your house into a five or six-bedroom home but all the others in your street are four bedrooms, then it might be difficult to sell a house that big in your neighbourhood.

It would be prudent to consult one or more of the above experts before you go too far down the track.

An Extension Can Adapt Your Home To Your Changing Lifestyle

A home extension helps you gain the much-needed space to suit your family’s lifestyle. You may need the extra space to accommodate extra family members, or the desires of your family might change. When children are small they often share a bedroom no problem, but as they grow older they may want their own space.

Another example is if you decide to work from home. You may want an office or studio, depending what you do. Or you may decide to create an open-plan living area which you can extend out into the garden to add even more living space.

Whatever your family’s wants or needs might be, the extra space you gain from having a home extension built will allow the installation of extra facilities and resources to ensure that your home adapts to your new lifestyle.

A New Home Extension Can Change Your Home’s Interior Design

If you are going to have a building company to add a home extension, there will be some disruption for sure, and will probably require remedial decorating where the house extension meets the existing walls. That is an ideal time to have a fuller refit, or redecorate your home. You could even take the opportunity to go all out with your design options.

Extra Facilities Give More Convenience And Family Harmony

Having extra bathrooms or kitchen space is invaluable to any home setting. As a family expands there is more demand on the existing facilities. What family hasn’t had a struggle with the queue for the bathroom on schooldays? A house extension including an extra bathroom brings harmony and efficiency to the running of a home.

If you have extra kitchen and dining space this can help to enhance the relationship between family members. Dinner time used to be when families got together at the end of the day and interacted with each other. But these days it is not as common as it used to be. However, if you have a well-designed, and more conducive dining area, you can bring back those valuable family times.

Self-build Or Hire A Builder For A Home Extension?

Some people may be tempted to build a home extension themselves. The old Kiwi-DIY spirit. But these days it is a much better idea to hire a building company for a home extension.

Some of the main reasons are that for one, people are much busier than they used to be. Life is lived at a faster pace, and spare time is more limited. That means that it will take a lot longer to complete the job if you try it yourself.

Another issue is that the building regulations have changed significantly. Many jobs can only be signed-off by the Council if they are completed by a licensed trade provider.

That leads onto the next big reason; Insurance. Insurance costs have gone up massively in the last two years, and insurance companies are looking for excuses to not take on new risk. But you will only get insurance cover if the work has been given all the Council building consents.

Summing Up

Often the first thought about a cramped housing issue is to look for a new home, but there are other options. One of the best is to hire a building company to build a home extension. This will not only enhance the value of your home, and provide you with the extra facilities that you want, but it will ensure that the home extension will have all the necessary building consents.

If you would like some advice on the possibilities with a home extension, give us a call 0800 224 628.

East Coast Bays Basement Renovations Builder

A Basement Renovation To Make More Space In Your Home

A basement renovation is without doubt one of the best ways to add extra usable space to your home. In many cases it is more cost-effective than adding another full or part-storey to your home which can require strengthening of the lower levels.


Also, adding a storey or filling in space on your home changes the aesthetic look of the building. For many houses, this addition to the structure can look ugly or at least out of character with the architect’s original designer. A basement renovation or extension on the other hand, is largely below ground and therefor has little impact on the overall look of your house.


How Do You Want to Use Your Basement?

The most important question is to ask yourselves, “Why you want the basement renovation?” For some people they simply say they want more space but with better questions, you can get a much clearer definition of your desired outcome.


When you have a better definition, you can give better direction to the designer or architect, which will mean they can draw up the plans for your basement renovation project so it’s fit for purpose.


Having a clear idea of what you want at the end of the basement extension work means that you will be less likely to make changes along the way after the basement renovation builder has started their work, which can cause delays and incur additional costs.


Below are some ideas for basement renovations, to give more room to your home.

Rumpus Room

One of the classic uses of a basement is for a rumpus room for young children. They can keep their toys, downstairs away from the tidier adult areas like the living room. It can also be quieter when the children are playing downstairs in the basement renovation.


Also you can have floorings and wall coverings that are child-friendly which you can clean easily without the concern of damaging your living room walls or carpet.

Granny Flat in Basement Extension

East Coast Bays granny flat basement

Granny flat basement renovation

At the other end of the age range is your parents. As they get older they often need help or they simply don’t want to live in a large family home as they have done previously. This is especially the case if they have lost a spouse.

As a result, many families take in their parents and either provide them with a bedroom in the main part of the house or, better still is to convert a basement into a granny flat. This gives the best of all worlds. The grandparent is close by, but they have their own living area with more privacy, and a place to rest. A nana nap anyone?

Teenager’s Basement Room

When children are young, they often like sharing their bedroom with their siblings. But as they get older and become teenagers, the idea of sharing with a sibling is,….well, we know the outcome.


So one solution is for one teenager to stay in the existing bedroom, and to turn your basement into a room for your other teenager. This gives both children privacy, and more space to bring home their friends without disturbing the rest of the household.


Bar or Cellar

Many people like the idea of having a bar in their basement. Somewhere that they can have friends around in a convivial atmosphere. Beers on tap, a fridge, a dart-board maybe. Just like being down at the pub.


More recently people have had the idea of creating a wine cellar and tasting area in basement renovations. The room is likely to be both cooler and darker anyway being underground, which are both important aspects for storing wine.

Entertainment Area or Home Theatre

Home cinema basement renovationAn increasingly popular use of a basement renovation job is making the room into an entertainment area. This can be an extension of the bar theme with a pool table too. Or, in recent times, many people have had a home theatre or media centre installed.


This could range from a few chairs and a big screen TV to lavish seating with full surround-sound and film projector.


Guest Space

Basement Room renovation East Coast Bays

Basement bedroom renovation

Perhaps you want to add space for visitors staying at your home. This might be family or friends, or you could make it into another income stream and convert a basement for home-stay overseas students or Airbnb.



Another idea for converting a basement is to make an office space. If you are self-employed or run a business from home, this is a great idea since it gives you a more peaceful space to work in, and it also keeps your papers etc away from the family living areas. Not only does this make the living areas tidier but it also means that little fingers don’t make off with important documents.


How to Build a Basement Extension?

There are essentially two ways to build a basement renovation. You either dig out the ground, or you can fill in an open space below the house. On the hilly Auckland roads, there are plenty of homes with unused space beneath the main home. Enclosing the space with external walls is a relatively easy basement renovation method and can produce some fantastic basement renovations.


Summing Up Basement Renovations

A basement renovation can give you a lot more room in your house. This is often easier than selling and buying a new home, especially if your children are at school.


A good basement renovation builder with the right plans can also add considerable value to your property without significantly affecting the overall external appearance of the building, therefore maintaining the integrity of the original design.


If you want more space in your house, consider a basement renovation. We are happy to come along and have an initial chat to give you some ideas of what might be possible with a basement extension in your home. We can give you the benefit of our experience on similar basement renovation projects we have worked on.


Call us on 0800 224 628 or email