Campbells Bay Major House Renovation

Campbells Bay Major House Renovation

Why Do People Go Through The Anguish Of A Major House Renovation? We have all heard horror stories about overdue, expensive, harrowing house renovation projects.  The big question is, “Why do people put themselves through all that stress, financial pressure and risk their family unity?.” Below we look at the reasons people do renovate. More […]

Why Do People Go Through The Anguish Of A Major House Renovation?

We have all heard horror stories about overdue, expensive, harrowing house renovation projects.  The big question is, “Why do people put themselves through all that stress, financial pressure and risk their family unity?.” Below we look at the reasons people do renovate. More importantly, we will see how to avoid your project being another horror story.


What Do People Get From A New House Build?

Many people buy a brand-new house rather than an older one, as they want an up-to-date home with the latest features and technologies. These can include:-


  • Having the latest in fixtures and fittings
  • Energy efficiency
  • The latest trends in house design
  • Better use of space
  • Smart-home technology
  • Less maintenance
  • And more.


With the limited supply and rapid sale of new houses, this can leave people frustrated if they cannot get on the initial buyers’ list. However, there are often more compelling reasons that people choose to go down the major house renovation route.


Why Renovate Instead Of Buying A New Build?

Overwhelmingly, people choose to stay in their house and renovate for one of these three strong emotional connections:-


  • They particularly like the area
  • The house is close to family, especially aging relatives
  • The house is in a preferred school zone.


It is difficult, if not impossible to reproduce these strong ties with a brand-new house, since those generally tend to be built in new developments like Long Bay, Hobsonville Point and Millwater. The only way for most homeowners to get these new technologies and design concepts is to undergo the anguish of a major home renovation.


Other Strong Reasons To Renovate

There are two other common reasons that people prefer to renovate, rather than move.


If they live in an older property, like a turn-of-the-century villa for example, they may want to protect and preserve the character of the old building. A major renovation on a property like this achieves two things:-

  1. Improving and rejuvenating an old house to preserve unique and desirable features
  2. Getting the benefit of all those features of a modern, new home.


The second common reason, perhaps the main reason to renovate, is to increase the value of your home. This might be because you want to live in a newly renovated home, knowing you will recoup the cost of the renovation works. Alternatively, you may be looking to sell your home and obviously, a renovated house will fetch a higher price than one that needs doing-up.


Whatever your reason, it is easy to see why some people choose to renovate rather than move or buy brand new.


Major House Renovations – Let The Nightmare Begin

We’ve seen the multiple do-up renovations shows on TV. The key parts of the drama are the cost and budget over-runs.


  • Will they ever finish?
  • How will they fund it?
  • Will they go broke?


The “story line” is the same every time but it is real and a huge problem for many undertaking a big renovation project. These same issues also come up when people hire builders to do the renovations. Late materials, workers not turning up, prices going up and big surprising add-on costs at the end. So how do you avoid these massive problems with house renovation projects?

In short;


What Do You Look For In A Good House Renovation Company?

Firstly, you want to look for a building company that has experience in renovating different types of houses.  You need to call and have an initial chat with them.

This is possibly the most important part of the whole process. An experienced house renovation builder can talk you through your plans and budget. They will explain what is feasible and those aspects that either do not fit within the budget or are not possible due to the terrain or location.

This one simple conversation can save you weeks of your time and thousands of dollars.

Other Considerations

Assuming your aims are feasible, a good builder will have relationships with good architects or designers who can translate your aims into concept drawings that you can iterate towards the final working drawings.

The architect will submit those to the Auckland Council which will begin the consent process. This can be a long-drawn out affair, so it makes sense to have an architect or builder working with you that knows the workings of the consent system. They can work with the council staff to get as much of your plan approved as possible. They will also have experience to make sure your plans are progressed as fast as possible.

A Good Team

Another key issue in the renovation process is the team of high-quality tradespeople. Good builders will have a team of skilled employees that they work with every day.  However, it is said that a major house renovation needs over 30 different trades to complete a first-class job. Clearly, a single building company isn’t going to have staff for all of those trades, but they will also have access and connections to a raft of other trades that they need to call in.

Tim is extremely professional and works to high standards. Last minute changes to our renovation were easily accommodated and work within the budget and timelines. Tim kept us informed during the whole project and is realistic about costs and concerns. We would recommend Tim and Cain Built if you are undertaking renovations.  Grant

Think About Project Management

Possibly the most important aspect for a big house renovation to meet the financial and time budgets is project management. Skillful project management will mean that materials and labour are on-site at the time they are needed. Having materials early is a drain on the cashflow while having workers standing around is a waste of money.

Conversely, if either is late, that holds up the timeline for the building works. Good project management reduces unnecessary expenditure, stops waste and keeps suppliers on schedule.  Here’s what one happy client said about our Project Management.

Tim’s workmanship was excellent and timekeeping 100%. It was always pleasing to see the boys working in all conditions with enthusiasm and humour. Tim was unfazed by bad weather, difficult situations or council paperwork. Tim worked with subcontractors and building inspectors well and on a number of occasions I witnessed him taking a strong stand to ensure the project was not held up. Tim ensured that all inspections were ticked off and a final Code of Compliance was issued. My daughter and I were delighted with Cain Built and would have no hesitation in recommending Tim and his team to anyone wishing to have a project managed and built professionally from start to finish. Brian Gallocher


Summing Up

If for whatever reason, you want to stay in your current house, a major house renovation project makes a lot of sense for many people. You can stay close to family, schools, work or bring life back to your wonderful old home. If you are considering a major house renovation and want to make yours a love story, not another horror story call us on 0800 224 628 or if you prefer, you can email us at