High-End Campbells Bay Housebuilder

High-End Campbells Bay Housebuilder – A Home Built To Your Style

High-End Campbells Bay Housebuilder – Homes To Suit Your Lifestyle


If you are looking for a high-end residential home in Campbell’s Bay, there are three options:-

  1. Buy an existing one
  2. Undertake a major renovation
  3. Have one designed and built.


The first is probably easier but it will be a compromise because it will have been someone else’s design, and the fixtures and fittings will be second-hand. The second option can get you closer but will have existing frameworks to work around. The third option however will allow you to have a house designed and built to your own specifications, to suit your lifestyle, plus you will have brand-new, pristine amenities.


Cain Built are high-end house builders in Campbell’s Bay, not real estate agents, so in this article, we will talk about how we can help you create the ultimate house.


Fulfilling Your Dream – A High-End Home In Campbell’s Bay

Many people have a dream of owning their perfect house. They have worked long and hard to build up a good asset base, will have a high income, and want to reward themselves with one of the ultimate status symbols; a custom-designed and built home.


For each family, the perfect high-end home will have a different meaning. For some it will be huge rooms, for others it will be a lot of technology, and yet more it will be superb interior design.


A high-end residential home can be defined by its location, architecture, layout, size, amenities, features, finishes, landscaping and more. These houses tend to cost much more than other types of properties because they offer higher quality materials, better design, and superior build quality. In short, there is no compromise.  Everything is first-class.

High-End Campbells Bay Housebuilder

Let’s look at five features of a high-end home.


1 Chose The Right Location

There is an old adage about success with property which is buy the worst house on the best street. Location, is essential for success, however you define success.


A well-built house in a poorer suburb cannot be described as high-end. For a place to be described as high-end, it must be in a desirable location. Campbell’s Bay is of course one of the better locations on the North Shore. Anyone who wants to have a custom-designed home, can safely choose the Campbell’s Bay area to obtain a high-end home.


2 High-End Is Big

You can easily find a good quality house or apartment, but does it make you go, “Wow!” when you walk in?  For a home to qualify as high-end, it needs to be an impressive size and stature that makes people immediately think it is a major home. Space is certainly one of the overriding features of high-end houses.


A high-end home will typically be over 250m2. Compare that to the average Auckland house which is around 130m2, according to Auckland Council.


3 The Features And Amenities

The amenities in high-end houses are key factors that set them apart from run-of-the-mill homes. The obvious features are top-end kitchens, and big, open-plan living areas. But what else can you include?


A swimming pool is common, but what about an infinity pool or a lagoon pool with fabulous stonework and plantings? Or:-

  • a spa or sauna,
  • fitness room,
  • games room,
  • temperature-controlled wine cellar
  • home theatre,
  • outdoor living areas and kitchen,
  • private elevator,
  • smart technology to control lighting, heating, sound and more,
  • security systems.


All of these can be included in a high-end home custom-designed to match you and your family’s lifestyle.


4 Better Materials And Craftsmanship

High-end homes use top-tier materials. This can be solid kitchen benchtops made from granite or marble for example. The kitchen cabinetry will be whatever material you want. It can be wood sourced from a sustainable forest or sleek industrial-looking cupboards.


Your bathrooms can have handcrafted benches, imported Italian tiles, a huge spa-bath or a 180° therapy shower. Imagine under-floor heating warming you as you step out of the shower.


These fixtures, fittings and materials are not mass-produced but are skillfully made by craftsmen. That sets them apart from a regular home.


5 Higher Quality Construction

When it comes to house construction, nothing beats a high-end home. There are no short-cuts.


Good builders can make a nice looking home but for the very best, few house building companies can truly claim to be high-end house builders in Campbell’s Bay.


Our builders are skilled and receive ongoing training to maintain those skills and to learn the latest in design and building trends. This can include energy efficiency, green-house and passive house building, keeping up-to-date on new materials, and more.


This means our clients are guaranteed to have the absolute best in high-end house building.


Backed By Our Ten-Year Guarantee

At Cain Built, we supply you with a guarantee that ensures you are protected at every step of the way. This covers the quality of the workmanship, materials, failure to complete, and a ten-year guarantee for defects.


A Sense Of Pride

Owning a high-end home gives you a sense of pride. It shows your success and status. People will notice your home right away. They will get a feeling of your taste and style. And can we say, a touch of envy?


If you want a high-end home in Campbell’s Bay, you can buy an existing one. We can’t help you there but for a truly unique, personalised, top- quality house, built (or renovated), to your design and demanding specifications we certainly can.


If you are considering having a high-end house built in the Campbells Bay area, and want to chat to a high-end housebuilder, we would love to talk to you about your dream home and how we can help you achieve it. Give us a call on 0800 224 628 or if you prefer, you can email us at enquiries@cainbuilt.co.nz.