Milford High-End Housebuilder – What And Why?

Milford High-End Housebuilder - What And Why?

A Milford High-End Housebuilder – What Makes Us Different? Turning dreams into reality is not an easy task. For many, their ultimate dream is a high-end luxury home but what does that mean? For each person or family the finer details will be different but the underlying ideas and principles are fairly consistent. What isn’t […]

A Milford High-End Housebuilder – What Makes Us Different?

Turning dreams into reality is not an easy task. For many, their ultimate dream is a high-end luxury home but what does that mean? For each person or family the finer details will be different but the underlying ideas and principles are fairly consistent. What isn’t consistent though, is the build quality. Even builders of high-end homes have different standards and levels of quality finish. In this article we will look at:-

  • What is a high-end home?
  • What can you expect from one?
  • What should you expect from your high-end home house builder?


What Is A High-End Home?

There are five characteristics that make a house a high-end home. Some might call them a luxury home but whatever your terminology, let’s look at those traits that set them apart from regular house builds.


Probably the key trait of a high-end home is its location. As the old adage goes, the three most important factors for a home are location, location, location. There is little point in trying to build a big, expensive house in a low or even medium-value suburb. You will be over-capitalising and unlikely to get your money back when you come to sell it.

However, not all homes in a good location are high-end. We have all seen run-down properties in well-to-do areas.



A luxury, high-end house will have a unique design. It will not be a cookie-cutter house but will be designed by an architect or at least, a specialist house designer.  They will have an eye for both scale and detail bringing together the latest in design trends to match the brief and desires of the client. Often an experienced high-end housebuilder will be able to listen to a client’s ideas and brief an architect they have worked with in the past on similar top-of-the-range house building projects.


The architect or an experienced high-end housebuilder will talk to the client to find out what are the must-have aspects of the house. This is usually the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces. But what sets a high-end house apart is the amenities.

This might be a games room, an entertainment room or theatre. Maybe a spa or sauna.  But often it is developing the core rooms taking them from merely bedrooms to havens for the parents. A living room can become the envy of the neighbourhood by adding fantastic lighting systems. You might want a hi-fi music system available throughout the house without having meters of cords strewn around the rooms.

There are many ways that a house can be driven up-market by imagination and experience.


A high-end home is not going to be an average 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom. According to Auckland Council, the average size of a home is 135m2. A high-end home is likely to be 250m2 and upwards. This does not mean the house has to have six bedrooms. Instead, the rooms will be bigger than normal and those amenities we mentioned above will all take up space.



One of the most important factors in differentiating an average house and a Milford high-end home is the type and quality of materials. The obvious and visible materials are designer stone countertops in the kitchen and elegant tapware in the bathrooms.  But it goes deeper than that.

The quality of the tiles, the weight of the doors, the feel of the window openers and of course the final decorating. All of these make a vast a difference and create an immediate impression of top-quality compared to run-of-the-mill materials you find in the chain hardware stores.

A top-quality housebuilder will be able to advise on the brands and types of materials you will want for a first-rate high-end home. A big house with standard fixtures, fittings and materials will only ever feel that – a big house. The difference for a true top-end home, is the quality of the materials that are used in its construction.


What Can You Expect From A High-End Home?

Simply, you can expect to have a home that meets all your desires, wants and needs. It will be designed to suit your family and lifestyle so that you can live in the luxury that you deserve. A high-end home should be your sanctuary. This might be the common areas like a kitchen with a huge island, an open-plan living space opening out onto your expansive deck, or an indoor movie theatre. The areas that the whole family uses ought to meet all of your ambitions. The design should be right for your family now and be suitable for them to grow into. In a more personal sense, you might also want a temperature-controlled wine cellar or a bedroom with a spa pool in the bathroom. All of those personal desires can be met too.

You ought to expect too that your family, friends and neighbours will be impressed with your home. After all, if you are investing a significant amount of money, you will want a wow-factor and appreciation from your people. From the design to the finish quality, all of these must meet your expectations and all add to the impressive feel of your home.

What Can You Expect From A Milford High-End Housebuilder?

This is perhaps the big differentiator. There are plenty of builders who can build a big house. However, few are able to deliver the quality, not just of the visible finishes, but the core structure and infrastructure to keep your home running efficiently for a long time.

With our high-end house builds, we look at the house as a whole. We take into account how it will be used, and how it needs to perform. This ranges from the core framework, to energy consumption, how the home fits into its landscape, as well as the ways it will be used by the family. All of these aspects are paramount in the approach we take to build a top-quality home.

To deliver this, we have hand-picked a high-calibre team of construction trades, who are not only experienced, but masters of their specific area. This means you are guaranteed only the very best in all aspects of your luxury home.

Experience Makes The Job Easier

With our experience as a Milford high-end housebuilder, we can also advise on the types of material and finishes that would suit your ambitions. Sometimes a client might want a particular material for the cladding for example. With our knowledge, we can say if that will be a good idea. This will take into account the location, the weather, and if it is a short-term trend that might not retain its value. Knowledge and experience are crucial in building a high-quality house. Attention to detail and using the best quality materials mean that the house will last longer. It will also need fewer repairs and maintenance. This all adds to the resale value should you ever come to that point.

But perhaps the two most important aspects are that the client, while investing a considerable amount, is getting value for money. The second being that the client feels like they are living in a luxurious, high-end home. Isn’t that what you want at the end of it all?

If you are considering having a new house built, and want to chat to a Milford high-end housebuilder, give us a call on 0800 224 628. We would love to talk to you about your dream home and how we can help you achieve it. If you prefer, you can email us at