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North Shore Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations Builder

Increase The Value Of Your Home With Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations For most people, the most valuable asset that they will ever own is their home. Many people rely on the increasing value of that asset to provide a nest-egg when they retire as they can sell and down-size when they get older. The value […]

Increase The Value Of Your Home With Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations

For most people, the most valuable asset that they will ever own is their home. Many people rely on the increasing value of that asset to provide a nest-egg when they retire as they can sell and down-size when they get older.

The value of that asset is generally increasing in New Zealand – there can be dips, but historically these generally haven’t lasted long. Regardless, if the market stalls, or even falls, what can you do to increase or maintain the value of your home?

For some people, a major renovation of an older home is an option, but it’s a big job and not everyone can afford to spend $250k or more on renovating their home. A full renovation can also take many months, something that families might not want to have to deal with.

Simpler House Renovations

Like most investments, a home will need regular review and upkeep to be sure that it delivers the best return on investment. Just like a stock portfolio needs constant attention in order to provide value through balanced holdings of certain investments, a home requires constant maintenance. Regular maintenance will stop small jobs becoming big ones while regular painting to preserve the condition of the cladding material will also keep the house looking presentable.

However, these only maintain the value of your home. They don’t add a lot of new value.

The Two Best Ways To Add Significant Value To A Home

When people are going to open homes to buy a new house, the two most important rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. It makes sense therefore, that if these two rooms impress buyers the most, then renovate and improve those to generate a higher value for your home.

Renovating A Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s a space where people often gather, so it makes sense to create a friendly area with as much free room as possible. Older homes tended to have cramped rooms, often cluttered with cabinets, heating, water tanks and free-standing appliances. Modern design styles for kitchen renovations coupled with technological advances mean that appliances of all types can be in-built plus are more efficient to run. All of this means that space can be saved creating bigger, brighter kitchen areas.

Renovating A Bathroom

Similar to kitchens, bathrooms in older homes were often separate rooms for the toilet and bathroom. The wall between them takes up space which can be better used. Big old hot water cylinders or storage tanks and airing cupboards took up yet more space, leaving small, poorly lit rooms.

Again, using advances in technology and materials, a renovated bathroom can function with much smaller water heaters and have airing facilities like heated towel rails, all of which need far less room. Combining these with removing unnecessary walls makes a single, bigger, lighter space which is much more inviting and, adds significant value to a house.

Costs Of Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations

The costs for renovating a bathroom or kitchen are like asking ‘How long is a piece of string?’ – there are so many variables to consider.
For example,

  • How old is the house?
  • Is the structure sound?
  • How much space needs to be changed or combined?
  • Are supporting walls being removed?
  • What grade of cabinetry do you want?
  • What brand of appliances or bathroom fittings are you after?


Each renovation is a unique project and the only way to accurately assess the cost is for an experienced kitchen or bathroom renovations company to visit your site. They can assess the works needed and give you a ball-park cost.

Once the drawings are finalised and approved by the Council if necessary, then they can give you a more accurate quotation.


Save Time And Money By Talking To A Builder

All of the above make sense, but there is one missing piece. Is a bathroom or kitchen renovation a feasible project within your budget?

You could get excited about the options of having a kitchen or bathroom renovation only to have your hopes dashed when you find out it’s too difficult or beyond your budget. To avoid this, it makes sense to call in an experienced renovation builder from the start. They will be able to give you some pointers on aspects you might not have considered, and the all-important outline of costs for your ideas, before you spend time and money getting plans drawn up.



It’s important to work with a good local renovation builder. If you’re choosing to get more than one quote, then it’s important that you don’t simply go with the cheapest. You must ask all the potential building contractors to explain why they have priced as they have, as you need to be aware of any additional costs (known as variations) that may not have been allowed for in the pricing (such as rot or non-compliant building work being uncovered once the renovation begins) so you know exactly what is and isn’t included. Otherwise, you may think you’re comparing apples with apples, when you’re actually comparing apples with pears, and could therefore be in for some unexpected costs later down the track once the project is already underway.

Accreditations – Look for accredited builders. At Cain Built you know you’re hiring professionals, as we’re not only Licensed Building Practitioners (a government building standard) but we’re both Registered Master Builders Association and New Zealand Certified Builders Association accredited and have been through an extensive vetting process – we have to undergo regular training and meet nationally approved standards. This also means that we provide a ten-year guarantee, ensuring you’re protected at every step of the way – covering the quality of the workmanship, materials, failure to complete, and a ten-year guarantee for defects. Our clients can sleep easy knowing their build is in the best possible hands.

Testimonials – Ask previous clients or look at testimonials so you know the builder is experienced enough for your project. Cain Built have tons of great reviews you can check out on our website and over on NoCowboys.

Portfolio – Ask to see their portfolio of other renovations. You can view our work here.


Additional Benefits From Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations

Investment in a property doesn’t have to be quantified simply in dollars. It’s also an investment in future happiness. Your house is your home, so having a better living space can give you a return on investment while you’re still living there. You’ll also find that a well-managed renovation will give you greater utility value as you and your family will have better use from the new space.


If you’re thinking about a kitchen or bathroom renovation, we’d love to hear about your ideas and chat through your options – give us a call on 0800 224 628 or email us at