Takapuna Builder For Major House Renovations – Villas And Bungalows

Takapuna Builder For Major House Renovations - Villas And Bungalows

Takapuna Builder For Major House Renovations You may be feeling that your home is looking dated, or that you could make better use of the space.  Other people might simply want more space to house a growing family. Whatever your reason, it might be time for a major renovation to your home. That gives you […]

Takapuna Builder For Major House Renovations

You may be feeling that your home is looking dated, or that you could make better use of the space.  Other people might simply want more space to house a growing family. Whatever your reason, it might be time for a major renovation to your home. That gives you two choices – Do it all yourself or, hire a Takapuna builder for major house renovation projects.

Initial Thinking About A Major House Renovation Project

A major house renovation project needs a lot of well-organised preparation and plenty of hard work. People expect that a big renovation project will last several months before it is completed. What does surprise people is that same amount of work before anyone swings a hammer.

Before construction starts you will have to:-

  • Get initial scoping costs from a builder. This will give you a ball-park figure so you can decide if it’s either affordable or worth the expense.
  • Talk to a range of designers or architects to give them your desires and more importantly, to get their ideas.
  • Have plans drawn up.
  • Submit those plans to the Council to get Building Consent.
  • Interview a number of renovations builders to get their costing proposals.
  • Contact your bank for financing.

That seems relatively simple, but these steps will take time with to-ing and fro-ing with different people at each step. This pre-building work can take many months before you get to the actual construction work.

Value Your Time Compared To Hiring a Professional Builder

Generally, the most expensive part of the renovation work will be the labour-cost.  This is the same as most industries, but if you go to a restaurant, you only hire the chef and waiter for a couple of hours. With a big house renovation, you are hiring labour for months.

Seeing the potential labour bill makes some people think about doing the renovations themselves.  However, there are some key factors to take into account:

  • A builder will have a team of people compared to a solo operator so the work will be done sooner.
  • Those people will be experienced and so can do the work quicker.
  • The other side of those points is that your house will be disrupted for far longer.


When you consider the total costs, including your personal time, lost family time, the huge increase in disruption, and even more domestic stress, the labour element from a good house renovations building company, begins to look like good value.

So, whether you choose to use an experienced contractor or try and tackle the job yourself, it’s always worth considering the value of your time versus the costs associated with the other option. We would recommend against trying to DIY anything of this scale.

Your Design Ideas Compared To Professional Renovation Designers

While some people have a clear view of what they want to gain from renovating their home, others are not as definite.

For those who do have a basic idea, an experienced house designer will be able to take your broad outlines and develop them into a tremendous design. They will also have experience from other house renovation designs, and meld these together.

Working with a good renovation house designer or architect will take your ideas from vague to wow and give you a renovated house you will love.

It Is Important To Think Of The Environmental Impact Of Your House Renovation

Few people have ever thought of the environmental impacts of renovating a house. Yet it is becoming a big problem which goes far beyond installing solar panels.

Firstly, disposing of demolition waste in landfills is a big problem for Auckland. Construction and demolition waste are some of the biggest polluters we have. It has been estimated that they account for around 45% of the total landfill waste in New Zealand.

The second issue is the materials used for a house renovation. For example, another surprising fact is that cement accounts for 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. If it was a country, it would be third behind China and the USA.

With that in mind, it is wise to consider using other building materials that have a lower impact on your carbon emission. This is another good reason to work with an experienced house renovations builder and designer. They will have the latest information on low-impact eco-building products.

Choosing A Renovation Building Company

There are many Takapuna house renovation building companies, but they are not all the same.

If you’ve decided to go ahead with a major home renovation, then there are two things you must keep in mind: quality and price. Some have more experience than others. While yet more, produce higher quality finishes. Your choice will depend on what you want at the end of the renovation.

If you want the project completed as cheaply as possible, you will get a passable job. But cheap work deteriorates quickly.

  • It will not look and feel top-quality.
  • You may find faults early on.
  • You will almost certainly have to do more maintenance, sooner.

If you want a house renovation that will impress your visitors, and stay top quality, for years, you need to be looking at the better-quality house renovations companies in Takapuna.

This is a testimonial from one of Cain Built’s happy clients:

Tim is extremely professional and works to high standards. Last-minute changes to our renovation were easily accommodated and work within the budget and timelines. Tim kept us informed during the whole project and is realistic about costs and concerns. We would recommend Tim and Cain Built if you are undertaking renovations.

When choosing a company to renovate your property, look for references. Ask friends and family members about previous experiences they had working with them. Also ask whether they would recommend them to others. Finally, check out reviews posted on sites like Google and No Cowboys.

Not Only Satisfied Customers But Guarantees Too

While you can take comfort from the opinions of some of our happy clients, you can also relax knowing that we are accredited by not one, but the three industry training and accreditation boards.

That means you know our staff are skilled and trained to the latest standards.

We are members of:

Each of these has exacting standards and extensive vetting of every building company before that contractor can be admitted to the organisations.

In addition, via our memberships with the Registered Master Builders Association and the New Zealand Certified Builders Association, Cain Built can supply you with one of the most comprehensive building guarantees on the market – the 10 Year Residential Guarantee. This ensures you are protected at every step of the way, covering the quality of the workmanship, materials, failure to complete, and a ten-year guarantee for defects. Our clients can sleep easy knowing their build is in the best possible hands.

Final Thoughts On Major House Renovations

While it might seem a good idea to do a major house renovation yourself to save thousands of dollars. Think long and hard.

Firstly, it will take you far more time than hiring a team of experienced builders and other tradespeople. Your house will be a building site for months, even years, if you try to do the work yourself, or even just try to manage the project yourself.

Secondly, the end result will probably not be as good as the work that highly skilled workers produce every day. You will see your errors, and once seen, you will always see them. That’s not how you want to live in your renovated home.

Thirdly, a good house renovation company will have access to other skilled people like a house designer, other trades to augment his team, and interior designers and decorators to give your renovation that touch of class internally.

Fourth, at Cain Built, we have:

  • happy clients,
  • skilled staff
  • ongoing training
  • accreditation by three industry authorities plus
  • a ten-year guarantee

If you are thinking about a major house renovation in Takapuna, get in touch for an exploratory chat. Give us a call on 0800 224 628 or if you prefer, you can email us at enquiries@cainbuilt.co.nz.