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Planning on building or renovating a house? You’ve come to the right place. Contacting us is the first step to creating your ideal space or home.






For years the building industry has been associated with unreliability, shattered dreams, and cowboys. Cain Built has been created to put those beliefs to bed.


Providing safe workplace, equipment, and materials.
Establishing and insisting that safe work methods are practiced at all times.

Who we are

I’m Tim Cain, director of ‘CAIN BUILT LTD’.

Our mission is to deliver

  •    Reliable Service.
  •    High Standards.
  •    Quality Workmanship.
  •    Exceeded Customer Expectations.
As part of the Builders Association of New Zealand, we are able to provide you with a ten years homefirst guarantee. This gives you the peace of mind and assurance that your project is being built by professionals. 15058509_10210682175066331_617417811_n
Our mission is to take the industry by storm, because we see the things it is lacking. With construction companies not meeting requirements and we want to strive to change that. It has taken us along time to develop always learning, which has been key because if you do not learn you are not getting better, and if you’re not learning you are essentially not providing on quality.
Our vision is the need to be industry leaders, and have realised that effectively managing everyone from clients to the architects keeps the team vitally motivated. As a team it has been our mission to tidy up all the loose ends in the building industry. We want to be the best at what we do making sure we provide a quality finish, adhere to schedule, and cut down re-work.

 DO NOT get started without knowing what is involved in the PROCESS. Let us help you with the research first, DOWNLOAD your FREE GUIDE that contains the most IMPORTANT STEPS concerning the renovation process.

Why Choose Us

Expert Renovation Specialists

As your leading renovation experts, our years of experience in the building industry guarantees that your project will be guided through to successful completion because we’ve seen and experienced all of the most common issues that come with renovation projects. Check out some of our success stories and see what our happy customers said about us!

The Best Renovation Guarantee

Most building companies in the industry do not provide you with their own guarantee. However at Cain Built Ltd not only will you be provided with your 10 Year HomeFirst guarantee, we also provide you with our very own Cain Built guarantee. We stand by the work we provide you hence giving you the added assurance that your renovation will be in professional hands.

Good Communication & Timeliness

At Cain Built our endeavour is to deliver on set time frames, as well as an eye for detail to meet your high expectations. Regular phone calls with progress updates are scheduled, and we’ll send pictures via email if you are unable to make it to the site. All of this ensures we help achieve your dreams when you build with us.

Qualified Licensed Practitioners

Maintaining the highest level of professionalism, all our members that work with us are certified LBP’s and are background checked before they are hired  for added comfort of your security on site. When it comes to renovating your new home you can have guaranteed safety.

How We Work With You



This is your first opportunity to tell us about your project. Once we have a brief idea of what you’re looking to do, we’ll email you a questionnaire asking you some detailed questions so we can get a better understanding of what you want to achieve with your build. From here we can book you in for
 your free one-hour consultation.

The information gathered in the questionnaire allows me to fully prepare myself in order to make the most of the time spent
during the visit on site.


Your 1- Hour Consultation

During this session we will cover all of the big topics:

TIME FRAMES:  When to start, length of time, any 
possible hold ups and how to avoid them.

COUNCIL:  What consents you might need, how to apply for them and how the council process works.

PRICING:  What sort of costs you can expect and what type of
 contract will best suit you for your project.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  Who does the what, when, where and

MATERIALS: Understanding claddings, fittings and fixtures,
paint, kitchen designers, and the many choices you’ll need to 
make as your project becomes a reality.

yellow_icon-svg   PLANS

We can either use any existing plans that you have drawn up with your architect, to put together a brief costing of your job. We can also help transfer your thoughts and dreams onto paper, using a reputable architect who will take them through to the council approval stage. If you are unsure of what to do at any stage don’t stress, we will be there to walk you through the whole process in order to make everything much easier for you.

yellow_icon-svg1   JOB PROGRESSION

During the course of your build there will be regular time-tabling, site meetings and budget reviews. In doing so, this will give you the opportunity to view progress and address any queries you have with regards to design functionality that may arise as you see your dream renovation/home brought to life. This allows you to make confident and informed decisions. We find this constant contact keeps the job running smoothly and everyone on the same page which helps to deliver the best quality project for you.

I found Tim helpful in the planning stages of the contracts, competitive with pricing and excellent in the results produced.
Brian, Puriri Park Retirement Village I Refurbishments.



We offer either fixed price or estimated cost break down, with each having their own advantages and disadvantages. Below is a breakdown of what each entails so you can choose which works best for you.


Gives you a fixed sum as to what the build will cost, based on what you decide you want prior to the signing of the contract. The main benefit of going for a fixed sum contract is that the agreed upon cost of build is exactly that – fixed. There is still the possibly of making changes during the build but the down side is that with a fixed price contract, each time you deviate from the agreed plan, additional paper work is required, meaning more time and money is spent. If you know exactly what you want prior to the beginning of the build, this is a good option for you, as you won’t have to worry about budget blow outs.

There’s no cushion added as you will often find with fixed prices. With the estimated cost break down, you pay for exactly what is needed and nothing more. However, there is no contingency figure added like in fixed price, in order to cover any unforeseen costs that may arise during the build.
Charge up contracts offer more transparency with your invoices, a copy of every receipt for every dollar spent e.g. for all materials, sub-contractors,
 and labour completed to date. You’re always able to review and query invoices before payments are made for your peace of mind. Of course any changes will be discussed prior so you have ample time and are aware of the best options
for the proposed changes, and any potential impact they may have on the overall budget for the job.


Once we’ve agreed upon either fixed price or estimated cost, we’ll present you with a full building contract supplied by the Certified Builders Association, who produce the most up to date contracts in the industry. Allowing you time to check it over with your solicitor prior to signing, this will outline our responsibility to you, the extent of work, insurances, time period and payment schedule. We’ll also provide you with a disclosure statement outlining which sub contractors will be working on your build, a written warranty on the building products being used and details of our insurance. A timeline for your project and the completion date will also be set at this point.

yellow_icon-svg3  JOB COMPLETION

Once the final council inspection has been obtained we will go through a 287-point checklist to ensure every box has been ticked. Once you’re fully satisfied with the results, we’ll provide you with the Ten Year Home First Guarantee, the Code of Compliance Certification plus information and warranties relating to your job. Last but not least, for all renovations and new builds over $50,000, we’ll organise for your house to be professionally cleaned for free, so you can put your feet up and start enjoying your new space sooner.





Building new or renovating your house? You’ve come to the right place. By contacting us TODAY.

You’ve taken the first step to creating your ideal space or home.

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